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A Native New Yorker, Alumni of St.John’s University, and former Executive in the Telecom and Beverage Industry. I specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Investment properties. Before Real Estate, I oversaw the marketing and public relations campaigns for Beverage Companies. I was the founder and CEO of a successful Telecom company which I eventually sold before entering the Real Estate Industry. WHY I’M DIFFERENT Leveraging my experience as a successful business owner and marketing experience, I am known for outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, high tech marketing techniques, personal touches, and as a skilled negotiator with my client’s best interests at heart. I firmly believe that I have to represent my clients to the best of my ability and educate them throughout every step of the process, armed with top-notch information and market insight to make the best decisions possible. I am honest, sometimes telling clients things they might not want to hear, hard-working, and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry, having worked myself to the status of Broker Associate.

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